Rev. Raymond Garcia, Cambodia


I have been so privileged to be a part of the online/distance learning program of New Hope Bible College as I had desired to be a “workman approved by God by diligently studying the Scriptures” through the help of highly experienced with high caliber knowledge and wisdom from the faculties and staff of NHBC. I just love all the courses offered, and the way it was prepared to train and equip potential leaders for effective service in God’s vineyard. Since I can study at my own pace, I had less pressure to finish each course, and I have
much time to internalize and synthesize the lessons as I intend to apply them in my daily ministry in the mission field of Cambodia. The examinations were truly helpful in understanding the whole paradigm of the course, and it provides a high sense of satisfaction after finishing one course to another. Each course has just been designed as I have desired it to be simple, organized and logical.

NHBC doesn’t just offer a degree to anyone who finishes the courses offered, but it offers the most updated, most efficient, most effective, and most proper biblical equipping for those who want to intimately know God and serve Him with all their lives.

I highly recommend NHBC to those who would like to be properly trained and equipped for God’s service. It is truly worth the training and equipping it offers to everyone.