First Born Bible School, B.A. Cal State University, Long Beach, M.A. C. Ed. Dayspring University, Doctor of Biblical Studies, Andersonville Theological Seminary.

My life is full as I spend time with my grand nephews and my husband.   I told him many times that he likes fish more than people!  But if the truth were known, I am really an introspective person.  I have written many Christian songs and have four recordings. I enjoy reading and doing research for classes at New Hope Bible College.  I am passionate about Bible study and would like to pursue ministering the Bible to women in small Bible study groups.  Biblical literacy for the local church is where my heart is.   On the lighter side, I would like to try my hand at “standup Christian comedy.”  Also, I have had a secret desire to coach “The Los Angeles Lakers.” I am most proud that in a university swimming class, I jumped into the deep end of the pool to show that I deserved to pass…and I did!!!