Independent Achievement Credit

If you are a pastor, evangelist, or leader of an active Christian ministry, New Hope Bible College may be able to grant you an Independent Achievement Degree on the basis of credit for life experiences and further self-attained higher educational studies.

When students apply, he or she may list courses from religious schools, colleges, Bible training centers, and secular colleges. These course names must be submitted with the verification of transcripts or other documentation with appropriate teacher’s and/or supervisor’s signatures. Classes must have been earned with a grade of “C” or better. In some cases, credit will be assigned for a general grade of “pass” with appropriate signatures from teachers and/or supervisors. The academic committee of New Hope Bible College will determine which courses can be given credit. New Hope Bible College assigns “life experience credits” on a case by case basis. The amount of credit is determined by the kind of Christian ministry involvement, the quality, the duration, and whether it was gained at apprentice level, pastoral level, ministry level, etc. It is our desire to encourage pastors and teachers to submit for evaluation those activities of ministry which would appropriately be assigned academic credit. As a general rule, no more than nine (9) life ministry credits will be given for Associates Degree and no more than fifteen (15) life ministry credits for the Bachelors Degree.