About Our Seminary

New Hope Bible College is a “distance learning” school. Our educational format is downloadable class work, material and tests that will be sent to our students. Some classes require the purchase of textbooks, as directed in our catalogue. As our President, Dr. Samuel Fillon stated in his welcome letter, upon enrollment, the student will receive the course of study, syllabus, and course objective. Exams will be sent, graded, returned and recorded. The instructor who teaches the class will be your primary mentor and will set up a convenient call or email system with you to answer your questions and check your progress.

Associate of Biblical Studies

The Associate of Biblical Studies program is a 60 semester unit program based upon the study of key books of the Bible and a survey of key doctrines. Designed for beginning ministry students, the program will insure a manageable transition into New Hope Bible College’s Bachelor of Ministerial Studies program.

Bachelor of Ministerial Studies

The Bachelor of Ministerial Studies is a 120 semester unit program, with the first 60 units being completed at the Associate’s level. The program introduces the student to a wide variety of general Bible courses and doctrines giving the student a grasp of in-depth Bible study and introducing them to the issues and complexity of formal Bible study. Additionally, the students are given classes in aspects of general ministry to include the following: basics of counseling, administration, and conflict resolution.