Whether God is calling you to church ministry, nonprofit service, cross-cultural work, or another vocation—or you are already serving in ministry but need to deepen your knowledge and skills—earn yourself an Associates and Bachelors Degrees from New Hope Bible College.

Getting Started

It is important to understand that “distance learning” education requires individual motivation and personal incentive to achieve the goal of a degree. The very word “study” implies an ongoing commitment, application, and persistence to complete a course and ultimately earn that coveted degree.

Associate of Biblical Studies

Start here with the first of 60 units needed to go on to the next level. These classes are prerequisites for the Bachelor of Ministerial Studies Degree.

Bachelor of Ministerial Studies

This degree requires 120 units with the first 60 units of prerequisite studies at the Associates level.

Enrolling at New Hope Bible College

It’s easy…just fill out the Student Application and send your application fee to the address on the form. Our Registration office will contact you as soon as the application is received.


An excellent Bible college education is one which leads students to study the Holy Scriptures with an underlying passion to present it humbly before the world.  It is not our desire to produce intellectual giants, but to produce men and women like unto the Apostle Peter, who said in John 6:38, “Lord to whom shall we go”?  It is then from this humble place that we built a program of studies which seeks to emphasize knowledge of the Bible itself.  We also included those classes which will give practical aid to pastors and Christian workers to actually “do the work of the ministry.”  Our focus on the Scriptures themselves produces classes in which the student “searches as the Holy Spirit illuminates.” We realize that students come from different religious backgrounds, cultures and educational levels.  New Hope Bible College accommodates for these differences in order to educate those with a “calling in their lives.”  The distance-learning format actually works very well with the structure of our classes.


Faculty and Staff